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nyc parking tickets3Parking tickets are quite common in New York City, and seem to be one of the city’s biggest revenue generators. This guide will help you avoid NYC parking tickets and tell you what to do if you do get one.  You can also book discounted parking in advance with SpotHero to avoid the risk of getting an expensive NYC parking ticket on the street.

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Easy Ways to Avoid NYC Parking Tickets

Paying attention to your environment and planning ahead can really help you to avoid a ticket.   The following tips will help you to avoid the curse of an NYC parking ticket:

When parking in New York City, it is so important to pay attention to all  the signs around you, including those on  parking meters.  If a sign is not easily visible or has been blacked out with spray paint, look for other signs nearby and heed to the most restrictive one you see.
Most parking meters have a time limit, and the maximum duration can vary.  Returning just one minute late can leave you with a parking ticket. Make sure to read all signs and instructions on the meter and place your meter receipt on your dashboard, facing up.
You can be parked 100% legally, but if your registration and/or insurance sticker is dead, you can guarantee yourself a ticket.  If you know one or both stickers are dead, your best bet is to park in a garage.
Make sure you park at least 15 feet away from  fire hydrants.  Parking within 15 feet of a fire hydrant can lead to expensive tickets and event towing. Be careful!
Know the difference between No Stopping, No Standing, and No Parking zones:

  • No Stopping means you can’t stop there at all, not even for a second.  If you see a No Stopping sign, keep going.
  • No Standing zones allow you to stop for two minutes or less to pick up or drop off a passenger.  Be careful if that person has a bunch of bags, because the rule is for picking up and dropping off passengers, but not their property.
  • No Parking means you can’t park your car and walk away, but you can stand (sit in your car).
Make sure that none of your car is in a crosswalk when you park. This pesky rule will definitely lead to a ticket.
Do your part to help keep the city pretty and make sure you park on the correct side of the street.  This allows street cleaners to clean the opposite side. Signs with a red “P” enclosed in a circle with a broom crossed over it will give you the days and hours of Alternate-Side parking.  Alternate-Side Parking is suspended on some holidays and there can be emergency suspensions.  Check the official Alternate Side Parking Suspension Calendar or call 311 for the current alternate side parking status.

Learn to Dispute a NYC Parking Ticket

To avoid late penalties, you must request a hearing to dispute your ticket within 30 days. The first step is contacting the Finance office.  If you don’t respond or pay within 100 days, the city will put a judgment on the ticket for the entire amount, in addition to any penalties and interest.

nyc parking ticketsTo request an online hearing, enter your violation number in the field provided here and then follow the directions in the form.  You will get an email confirmation for your request and also an email of the judge’s decision, which will also be sent by regular mail in approximately 75 days.  If you have any evidence to submit, you will be allowed to submit it after you fill out the online hearing request form.  Make sure you submit your evidence at this time, as you will not be allowed to do so later.

For an in-person hearing, visit any Finance Business Center.  Walk-in hearings are available on a first come, first serve basis, Monday through Friday, from 8:30am to 4:30pm.  Be sure to bring any evidence you would like to present, as well as your driver’s license, vehicle registration, and title or rental agreement.  When attending a hearing in person, you will receive the judge’s decision right away.

To request a hearing by mail, send a letter explaining why you feel you were unfairly ticketed, along with copies of evidence, as well as the ticket (don’t forget to check off why you believe you are not guilty on the back).  Make sure you keep a copy for your own records and send to the following address:

NYC Department of Finance
Correspondence Unit
One Centre Street, 22nd Floor
New York, NY 10007

Once the judge has reviewed your submission, the decision will be sent to you via mail.  You also have the right to appeal any decision made.

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How to Appeal a NYC Parking Ticket

Appeals must be made within 30 days. File the Parking/Camera Violations Appeal Application.  Penalties and interest can and will be added during the wait for an appeal decision.  You can avoid added charges by paying the amount due prior to requesting the appeal.   In the event that you cannot make your appeal hearing, call the Appeals Board at 212.361.5990.   If you have any questions about the appeal process, you can call 311 for more information or if you are outside of New York City, you can call 212.639.9675.  If the appeal results in a dismissal or reduction, a refund will be sent to you within 30 days.

Everything You Need to Know To Pay a NYC Parking Ticket

You can pay a ticket in several ways: by mail, online, over the phone, or in person. If your ticket amounts to $350 or more you can set up a payment plan.  To apply for a payment plan, fill out the Payment Plan Request Form.  To learn more about payment plans click here .  You must pay your ticket within 30 days or else you will receive a $10 penalty for parking tickets or $25 for camera violations.  More penalties will be added until you pay what you owe.

To pay by phone, simply call 212.504.4041.

nyc parking tickets2

New York City has a system that allows you to pay online from the comfort of your own home.

To pay by mail, follow the instructions on the back of the envelope provided with the ticket. Make sure you send your ticket in early, so you don’t end up with late penalties.  Tickets can be mailed to:

NYC Department of Finance
Church Street Station
P.O. Box 3640
New York, NY 10008-3640

To pay in person, visit any Finance Business Center.  They accept cash, money order, check, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and debit cards.

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