How to Find Cheap NYC Parking Coupons Online

nyc parking couponsNYC parking coupons are a popular solution to expensive NYC parking rates. This page will provide resources for finding NYC parking coupons as well as alternatives to using coupons for affordable parking in New York City.

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5 Simple Steps for Finding Discounted NYC Parking Coupons

1. Identify the area of NYC where you want to park

It’s much easier to search for NYC parking coupons if you have a more directed search. Many parking sites divide the city into neighborhoods to make it simpler to find a garage that works for you.

2. Make sure you have a list of resources

In order to get the best NYC parking rates and locations, it’s a good idea to look at the coupons offered by multiple parking companies. Luckily, we have just the list for you! Check the “Best Resources for NYC Parking Coupons” section below for a list of helpful websites.

3. Compare rates and locations

Once you find a website that looks like it will work for you, make sure you compare the rates and locations they offer. Keep in mind that public transportation in NYC is very good. If there is a cheaper coupon a little further from your destination, it shouldn’t be too hard to get there on the subway.

4. Check 3rd party resources

Although most of the major NYC parking companies offer their own parking coupons, you can often get  better rates using a 3rd party resource. Check SpotHero’s website and search for discounted NYC parking by neighborhood, point of interest and more.

5. Read instructions

Be sure to read and understand the rules of your NYC parking coupon. It’s always frustrating to spend time and money finding a parking coupon only to misunderstand the directions and end up spending more money. Read all coupons carefully!

Best Resources for NYC Parking Coupons

  • Icon Parking Coupons – as one of the largest parking companies in NYC, Icon offers coupons and discounted parking rates on their website.
  • Standard Parking/Central Parking – access parking coupon offers by Standard Parking/Central Parking by selecting a neighborhood or attraction and viewing available coupon offers on their website.
  • iPark – formerly known as Imperial Parking, this NYC parking company offers coupons by region. Click on your neighborhood to get started.
  • Park It Guides – this third party resource compiles coupon offerings from multiple parking companies.
  • Edison Park Fast – This parking company has garages in Manhattan, Brooklyn and New Jersey and offers discounted coupons on their website.
  • Manhattan Parking Group – This NYC parking company offers savings on their parking when you buy a coupon online.

nyc parking couponsIcon’s Cheapest NYC Parking Coupons

  • Superior Parking LLC – Park at 515 E 79th St all day for $10
  • 1725 Parking LLC – Park at 1725 York Ave all day for $11
  • Merit Parking LLC – Park at 12-14 E 107th St all day for $12 or on the weekend for $11
  • East 105th Street LLC – Park at 156 E 105th St all day for $12
  • Mansion 88 Parking LLC –  Park at 536 E 88th St all day for $12

5 Best Midtown Parking Coupon Deals

  • 1120 Avenue of the Americas (6th Ave) – Enter between 42nd and 43rd and park for the evening for only $12
  • Worthy Parking LLC – 500 W 55th St, park for up to 10 hours for only $15
  • Sutton 53 Parking LLC – 413 E 53rd St, park for 6 hours for $16 or for $10 on the weekends!
  • Imperial Palace Garage Corp – 845 1st ave, park for 6 hours for only $10 or use the $6 early bird special coupon
  • Effective Parking LLC – 435 W 57th, park for the day for $16

5 Best Chelsea Parking Coupon Deals

  • 107 Garage Corp – 107 W 13th St, park during the evening or on the weekend for only $15
  • Edison ParkFast – park in one of three Chelsea parking garages for up to 12 hours for only $10
  • Chelsea Commonwealth Garage & Surface Lot – 239 7th Ave,  park for up to 6 hours for $20
  • Vincent 15 Parking LLC – 111 W 15th St, park after 5pm for only $10!
  • 22nd & Sixth Parking LLC – 51 W 22nd St, park at night for $17 or on weekends for $20

5 Best Upper East Side Parking Coupon Deals

  • Gracie Public Parking Corp – 401 E 89th St, park for up to 6 hours for $5 or for up to 12 hours for only $10!
  • Intertown Parking Corp – 55 East End Ave, park for up to 6 hours for $12, for up to 12 hours for $15 or use the $9 early bird special
  • 45 East End Avenue – between 81st and 82nd, park for up to 6 hours for $12 or for up to 12 hours for $15
  • Superior Parking LLC – 515 3 79th St, park for the day for only $10
  • 1725 Parking LLC – 475 E 89th St, park for the day for only $11

How to Find Cheap Parking Without an NYC Parking Coupon

Save up to 50% on NYC parking by booking a discounted spot in advance with SpotHero. SpotHero is a third party service that connects drivers with available parking spots in NYC and other US cities. You can book parking ahead of time with SpotHero online or on your phone if you download the app. To learn more about SpotHero, click below.

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